Slideshow 8 Payment Methods that Chip Away at Checkout

  • June 21 2013, 4:39pm EDT
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ShopRunner, headed by former PayPal and Yahoo boss Scott Thompson, offers two-day shipping through a process that streamlines the checkout. American Express cardholders can use ShopRunner for free, making Amex the shopper's default payment option. All others pay $79 a year.

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One of the most prominent checkout-skipping systems is's 1-Click, which lets users ship to a stored address using a stored payment card. Amazon launched Checkout, a service that lets other merchants use 1-click, in 2008. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Buy Buy Buy

Systems like Barclays' Buyit and the defunct PayPal Text to Buy let shoppers make purchases by scanning a QR code or sending a text message. Barclays transfers the money from the user's bank account, removing the option of choosing a separate payment method at checkout. (Image: Bloomberg News)

PayPal Digital Wallet

PayPal's digital wallet sets up a hierarchy of funding methods. Users can choose a preferred payment method, but if that method does not work, PayPal automatically chooses from the remaining available options. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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No Website Needed

Chirpify allows users to purchase through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The service lets users reply to a tweet or comment on a post with words such as “buy” and “donate.” Chirpify has attracted musicians like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg, and recently added direct processing, overcoming its reliance on PayPal. (Image: ShutterStock)

Faster Food

Mobile payment applications MyCheck and TabbedOut let diners at sit-down restaurants skip the physical checkout. Both apps allow people to pay their tabs on from a mobile device. (Image: ShutterStock)

Mobile Marketing

Mobile payments technology provider ZooZ is putting payments in mobile ads. If a user has already enrolled the mobile device for payment with ZooZ, the system uses the linked payment account to fund the purchase right away.

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BillMyParents stepped in front of the checkout process by instead generating an invoice it emails to the (presumably teenage) shopper's parents. Parents picked a payment method, which they could store for later transactions. The company, now called SpendSmart Payments, abandoned this model to instead offer a prepaid card. (Image: ShutterStock)