Slideshow 8 Times Payments Companies Joined Forces for Progress

  • August 24 2012, 3:14pm EDT
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Mobile Payments

The Electronic Transactions Association, which represents the acquiring industry, recently formed the Mobile Payments Committee to tackle policy, interoperability, technical issues, and the education of merchants and consumers. (Image: ShutterStock)

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PIN Compatibility

The Secure Remote Payment Council in April formed a working group to help ensure that existing PIN-debit networks integrate smoothly with EMV PIN-debit networks. (Image: ThinkStock)

Bank Voices

Mobey Forum, a global bank-led industry association that promotes mobile financial services, in May joined the Trusted Computing Group Industry Liaison Program to strengthen banks' voices in developing mobile-payment security standards. (Image: ShutterStock)

Banks vs Startups

The American Bankers Association in March formed a task force to push for standards that ensure a market that’s as open as possible, yet maintains banks’ position as primary processors of digital and mobile payments. (Image: ShutterStock)

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Mobile Meet-ups

The Smart Card Alliance in May formed the Mobile and NFC Council to educate organizations offering or implementing mobile-payment and Near Field Communication technology. The council wants to serve as a central body for industry stakeholders to collaborate on NFC projects. (Image: ShutterStock)


Telefónica UK, Vodafone UK, T-Mobile and Orange parent Everything Everywhere last year formed a joint venture dubbed "Project Oscar." Each would provide funding to create a program using Near Field Communication technology for a mobile wallet. However… (Image: ShutterStock)

Under Investigation

The European Commission in April launched an in-depth investigation after an initial study determined the companies involved had the technical and commercial capability as well as the "incentive" to block future competitors from offering their own mobile-wallet services. (Image: ShutterStock)

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Cloud Security

An international coalition called the Open Data Center Alliance formed this year to help companies determine whether cloud providers are adequately addressing accessibility and security. (Image: ShutterStock)