Slideshow 8 Times the Olympics (and Other Events) Sped Up Payments Technology

  • July 29 2012, 2:29pm EDT
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London 2012

Visa, a longtime sponsor of the Olympics, is testing a mobile payment system this year in London. Visa added payWave contactless technology to the terminals at Olympic venues, and it distributed payment-capable phones to VIPs and athletes. It also ejected non-Visa ATMs, a move that upset its rivals. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Lightning Strikes

In hockey, Tampa Bay Lightning's season ticketholders could use a jersey with an embedded contactless payment chip to get discounts at concession and souvenir stands at home games. NCR developed the microchip. (Image: Shutterstock)

Fashion Statement

MasterCard built its PayPass contactless payment technology into wristbands that could be used at Wembley Stadium in London. Its wristbands are also used at concerts such as the Isle of Wight festival and at amusement parks. (Image: Shutterstock)

Tick Tock

The readers set up for wristband payments might also work with watch2Pay's wristwatch, which carries a contactless chip that supports MasterCard PayPass transactions.

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The Olympics can also inspire creativity in some companies. Spire Payments, in an effort to maintain service to clients in the Olympic Traffic Exclusion Zone, uses bike and rollerblade couriers wherever cars aren’t allowed.

Going Green?

Green Bay Packers fans can expect faster transaction times after a switch to NCR's Quest cash registers. The wired and wireless machines are meant to help the stadium switch more transactions from cash to cards. (Image: Shutterstock)

Rev Up with Rugby

Back in 2008, New Zealand Banking Group installed contactless card readers in anticipation of Rugby's Bledisloe Cup at ANZ Stadium. The readers allowed Visa payWave transactions of under $35 without a PIN or signature.(Image: Shutterstock)

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A Sweet Idea

Riders of Hersheypark's Roller Soaker may not get splashed as much as Michael Phelps, but they might be glad for the option to use payment wristbands from Precision Dynamic Corp. if they want to keep their wallets in a dry place. (Image: Bloomberg News)