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The state of AI in banking
When you publish an estimate of how a technology will affect an industry — say, that 1.2 million jobs will be lost in banking due to adoption of artificial intelligence software — you get a variety of pointed reactions.

Some will say the number is too high and that AI is an overhyped buzzword like Big Data was a few years ago — soon to be discarded for the Next Big Thing. Others will argue that 1.2 million seems like too small a number. Some insist that AI will only do boring, repetitive tasks, leaving the really interesting stuff for humans. Yet others say that's nonsense, that AI can handle complex, creative or emotional work as well if not better than people can.

Bankers themselves, when surveyed, express contradictory views about AI. They like it, and think it will have a big impact, but so far they are not investing significantly in retraining employees to use it.

No one really knows exactly how much disruption and dislocation AI will cause. But it does seem safe to say that financial companies that find smart uses for AI will have an edge over their peers.

What follows is intel about the attitudes of bank executives and employees toward AI, and where the technology is already making inroads.