Slideshow 8 Ways Payments Companies Profit from the Daily-Deals Fad

  • August 10 2012, 4:09pm EDT
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Now That's Living

JPMorgan Chase issues a Visa-branded rewards card tied to the LivingSocial daily-deals site. Users get points for anything they buy through a LivingSocial deal. LivingSocial execs say other Internet companies may follow this model. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Fiserv expanded its UChoose rewards program with mobile applications that allow consumers to redeem rewards points while in a store. In a few months, Fiserv plans to launch an app that would provide “Groupon-like” daily deals that consumers could manage through a mobile phone. (Image: ShutterStock)

Google It

Google Inc. launched Google Offers alongside the Google Wallet mobile payment system. Google's most recent update to its mobile wallet, which allows payments through a virtual prepaid card, could give Google even more transaction data to fuel its offer system… (Image: Bloomberg News)


...and American Express is the first company to object to Google's new approach. It’s an important debate, given that many issuers consider transaction data a valuable resource when creating customized offers. (Image: ShutterStock)

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Going Online

Bank of America Merchant Services recently launched a Web-based portal for merchants to create daily deals or special promotions for distribution to various social networks and online shopping directories. In many cases, the processor noted, merchants can tie the promotion to the use of a certain type of payment card or method. (Image: ShutterStock)


SCVNGR's LevelUp promotes loyalty and incentive programs for merchants through a mobile-payment system. Consumers get deals and discounts based on their spending. (Image: ShutterStock)

Calling All Cards

Cardlytics Inc., one of several companies providing merchant discounts tied into payment card accounts, expanded its services from debit card account rewards to also include credit card portfolios. (Image: ShutterStock)

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Be a Pal

PayPal provides online shoppers an “offer directory” on its PayPal Shopping website. PayPal’s experience and merchant database can help any future enhancements it contemplates in the daily deals arena. (Image: Bloomberg News)