Slideshow 9 Noteworthy iPhone Passbook Apps

  • March 17 2013, 10:38am EDT
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(Image: Bloomberg News)


Like magic, Walletini conceals a payment function within a ticketing app. The Passbook-compatible program allows users to resell the tickets they store within the app. Buyers pay by credit card, and sellers receive funds in a linked bank account.

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Mobile Cash

Wincor Nixdorf's Mobile Cash app focuses less on payments and more on the ATM functions of a debit card. It allows users of the Passbook app to pre-program their interactions at an ATM. The app then displays a bar code to scan at a compatible ATM to complete those transactions.


Shopkick's mobile app can reward users for spending with a credit card at the point of sale, but it can also reward shoppers just for showing up to a store. The Passbook-compatible app can sense audio signals hidden in the background music played at Macy's and other retailers. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Apple Store

It may be counterintuitive, but Apple's own contribution to the Passbook sandbox is one of the least imaginative. It lets users access gift cards from the Apple Store app — and this feature arrived a full two months after Passbook launched. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Lemon Wallet seems to compete with Passbook, but is casting itself as a way to make Passbook easier to use. Lemon lets users scan the details of their credit and debit cards using the iPhone's camera. It then turns the card info into a QR code, which can be accessed within Passbook.


The Starbucks app has been a trailblazer in mobile payments, proving that a retailer can get results from an app without relying on Near Field Communication chips or other approaches that aren't compatible with iPhones. It added Passbook support in October. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts had no desire to let Starbucks be the only coffee-buying app for iPhone users. Dunkin launched its own mobile-pay app in August of 2012 and, in February, decided it was time to make the Donuts app compatible with Passbook. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Jack Dorsey's Square has many functions: it is a cloud-based mobile wallet, it is a hardware-based card reader, and it is a replacement for a cash register. It also is a system for issuing and redeeming virtual gift cards — and those gift cards, which Square added in December, work with Apple's Passbook. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Clutch takes a "Swiss army knife" approach to mobile payments by tying in loyalty, shopping and every other function it can fit within its Passbook-compatible iPhone app. (Image: ThinkStock)