Slideshow 9 of Amazon's Disruptive Payment Products

  • June 20 2014, 12:24pm EDT

The payment capabilities in the new Fire Phone are just the latest in a series of products that only Amazon could pull off. The e-commerce giant's offerings range from basic services to its own digital currency. (Image: Bloomberg News)


The Fire Phone has a dedicated button for its Firefly shopping system, which uses the device's camera and mic to identify 70 million physical products and many more digital ones that can be purchased on (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Login and Pay with Amazon

This online service allows other e-commerce sites to welcome new customers without requiring them to set up an account. Shoppers can use their existing Amazon accounts to login and pay. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Amazon Coins

Amazon's one-year-old digital currency can be used to buy digital content on devices such as its Kindle Fire tablets. Amazon also gave away some Amazon Coins in a bundle deal as part of its promotion of the new Fire TV media streaming and gaming device.


The #AmazonCart feature, launched in May, lets shoppers begin the purchase process over Twitter. When users see a product link in a tweet, they can reply with the #AmazonCart hashtag to add the item to their shopping cart. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Adding to its list of merchant services, Amazon launched subscription-based payments on June 9. This feature, which is part of Login and Pay with Amazon, allows merchants to set up recurring transactions linked to a shopper's account. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Partner Payments

Amazon's fulfillment service lets partners choose their own payment methods for items sold and shipped from Amazon's warehouses. BitPay enables these merchants to accept Bitcoin, even though does not accept the digital currency directly. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Game On!

Amazon also supports in-app purchases for games that allow players to buy digital content after they start playing. Game developers can also use Amazon's website to list in-game items for sale. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Rewards as Cash

Amazon lets users of its Visa card and several other credit cards spend their reward points directly on its site. Customers are told at checkout how many points they can apply to a given purchase. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Planning Ahead

Amazon's other plans for payments are steadily leaking. In January, the company posted a job listing for someone who could develop a person-to-person payment system. It is also reportedly interested in turning its Kindle e-readers into mobile point of sale devices. Pictured: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Image: Bloomberg News)