Slideshow 9 of Apple Pay's Major Weaknesses

  • November 06 2014, 11:01pm EST
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The much-anticipated launch of Apple's mobile wallet was followed by a series of minor disasters for the fledgling payment system. Apple must overcome all of these obstacles if Apple Pay is to succeed. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Merchant Meltdown

Several merchants — including Walmart, CVS and Rite Aid — have either refused to support Apple Pay or shut it off after launch. If Apple can't win back these retailers, the future of Apple Pay may be bleak. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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iCloudy Reputation

Though Apple is aggressively talking up the security of Apple Pay, the company is still reeling from its iCloud service being linked to the leak of personal nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities. (Image: iStock)

Bad First Impression

In Apple Pay's first days, Bank of America customers found they were double-charged for some transactions. Anyone affected may be reluctant to use Apple Pay as a replacement for their plastic cards. (Image: iStock)

Feeling Lost

Where can consumers use Apple Pay? Especially since several merchants have opted out, it's unfortunate that Apple did not provide any built-in directory of merchants who accept its mobile wallet. MasterCard has adapted its own ATM locator app to try to fill the void.

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Banks Balk

Some banks see Apple Pay as an opportunity, but others see Apple as a direct threat. Even those that are on board with Apple's wallet plan to deploy their own wallet apps to go beyond what Apple provides. (Image: iStock)

No Prepaid Account

Apple has enlisted over 500 banks to support Apple Pay, but there is no built-in prepaid account for consumers whose banks don't participate. Perhaps Alipay can fill this void? (Image: Shutterstock)


Apple Pay is one of the few mobile wallets to launch without any built-in rewards or offers for consumers. Right now, the primary consumer incentive to use Apple Pay is its security. (Image: Thinkstock)

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No Ticket

Apple Pay can make payments, but it's a one-trick pony. The same NFC tap used to pay at the point of sale can't also be used for loyalty or transit fare or the many other functions that are already built into other iPhone apps. (Image: iStock)

Hardware Hassles

Another of Apple's hurdles is the appeal of the iPhone 6. Apple's newest phone has been criticized for being easily bent, for having a protruding camera, and (in its plus-sized edition) for being too big to fit into a normal pocket. (Image: iStock)