Slideshow 9 Retailers Making Multiple Moves in Mobile, Online Payments

  • July 05 2013, 3:04pm EDT
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Jamba Juice

The smoothie maker built its menu around variety and choice, and is applying the same philosophy to its payments strategy. Working with PayPal, Jamba Juice allows customers to order and pay ahead of time with their PayPal accounts. Jamba Juice also accepts the Isis mobile wallet for contactless purchases. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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While McDonald’s is a staple of the American diet, it has been pushing many new payment methods overseas. This year, McDonald’s began supporting mobile payments from Seamless in Kuwait and Sweden. Plus the restaurant has launched contactless and mobile payment initiatives in Ireland and Canada. (Image: Bloomberg News) recently launched Amazon Coins, a virtual currency meant to be used with its Kindle tablets. It also launched Amazon Birthday Gift, which lets users send virtual gift cards to friends on Facebook. And although doesn't accept bitcoins, BitPay allows merchants that use Amazon's fulfillment services to take the virtual currency.


Walmart is a key player in the Merchant Customer Exchange mobile wallet. It also works with American Express to offer the low-fee Bluebird prepaid card, which attracted 575,000 account holders in its first three months. Walmart has also been a critical partner for companies like Green Dot. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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The coffee brand has been a leader in mobile payments with its own mobile app, which is used for 10% of its U.S. payments. But Starbucks, as an investor in Square, also accepts the software-based Square Wallet and sells Square’s mobile card reader on its shelves. Starbucks also supports PayPal as a funding method. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Target has been a key partner for many emerging payments initiatives. It helped Starbucks expand its mobile payment app from 16 stores to 1,000 stores in 2011. It also provided critical feedback to shopkick as it fine-tuned its mobile rewards app. And years before U.S. issuers began offering chip-and-PIN cards, Target briefly put chip-card readers in its stores. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Macy's modified the music it plays throughout its stores to improve the use of shopkick’s sound-based mobile rewards system in 2010. Macy's also supports the Isis mobile wallet. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Marks & Spencer

U.K.-based department store Marks & Spencer claims to be the top contactless retailer in the U.K., handling 230,000 contactless transactions per week. M&S is also part of the Mobile Money Network, a joint venture to build a standard for mobile payments. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Virtual Cards, Virtual Currency

Merchants such as Nike, Burger King and American Eagle work with Gyft to provide mobile gift cards to customers to use in-store. In doing so, these merchants also indirectly accept the virtual currency Bitcoin, which Gyft accepts as payment for the virtual gift cards it sells. (Image: Bloomberg News)