Slideshow 9 Stops on PayPal's Long Mobile-Payments Journey

  • August 22 2012, 11:59am EDT
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(Image: Bloomberg News)

PayPal Mobile

In 2006, PayPal launched PayPal mobile, a pre-iPhone mobile payment system that relied on text messages instead of apps. Though PayPal eventually changed course, its current point of sale system mimics the old one in a very important way: it does not require any special handsets or apps. (Image: ThinkStock)

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PayPal App

Upon Apple's 2008 launch of its app store on the iPhone 3G, PayPal created its own app, leading to a significant boost in payment volume from mobile devices. (Image: ShutterStock)


In 2010, PayPal added 'Bump' software to allow users to move money by tapping phones. This may seem like a step toward using near-field communication chips for payments, but it was short-lived. PayPal removed Bump in an early 2012 update to its iPhone app. (Image: ShutterStock)

Bling Nation

One of PayPal's earlier attempts at point of sale payments involved a partnership with the mobile payment company Bling Nation. This presumably hit a wall when Bling Nation shut down the following year.

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Home Depot

PayPal's first public partner for its new point of sale system was Home Depot, which let consumers test PayPal's system for everyday purchases ahead of its nationwide rollout. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Everyone's Invited

PayPal's next major merchant announcement was a big one: in May, it revealed 15 merchant partners in one day, including Barnes & Noble, JC Penney, Office Depot and Toys "R" Us. (Image: ThinkStock)


This March, PayPal launched Here, a separate mobile payments initiative from its point of sale system. Here allows users to accept card payments through a smartphone's camera or an add-on card reader. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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After its flood of merchant announcements, PayPal continued to woo new partners, including McDonald's, which is testing PayPal's system in France. (Image: ShutterStock)


To further boost point of sale acceptance, PayPal partnered with Discover. In 2013, any merchant that accepts Discover cards will also be able to accept PayPal. (Image: Bloomberg News)