Slideshow A Tour of 2013's Biggest Mobile Wallet Makeovers

  • December 20 2013, 4:46pm EST
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Square, Google, PayPal and many other mobile payment providers overhauled their technology in 2013. Here's a look at how things changed, on the surface and underneath. (Image: ShutterStock)

Google Wallet

Google first redesigned its mobile wallet to place a new focus on P2P payments. This new version (left) was also Google Wallet's first on iPhones. Google next began emulating the NFC payments function, its app to finally perform contactless payments on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile handsets.

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Coinciding with the Isis wallet's nationwide launch, the telco venture unveiled a redesigned mobile app. The new version replaces an earlier stored-value account with the American Express Serve digital wallet. Any consumer who doesn't have a card issued by an Isis partner must sign up with Serve to make mobile payments.

Square Wallet

Square unveiled its redesigned Square Wallet app in June. The new version overhauls the interface for browsing merchants who accept Square.

Square Cash

Square unveiled its email-based P2P payment service, Square Cash, in October. Though Square's P2P system does not require an app, Square introduced one that walks consumers through the process of sending a payment. A new version launched in December allows users to manage their accounts.

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PayPal overhauled its smartphone app in September. The new version places more emphasis on in-store payments and streamlines the process for placing orders.


When the security company LifeLock purchased Lemon in December, it redesigned Lemon's wallet app. The new version uses LifeLock's branding and drops the $4.99 monthly price tag for Lemon's premium services.


"My Wendy's" wasn't always a mobile payment app. It launched last year as an informational tool that displayed calorie counts for the company's menu. In May of 2013, Wendy's began piloting a payment feature in some cities. In June, Wendy's added an auto-reload feature to better facilitate payments. (Image: Bloomberg News)