Slideshow A Visual Tour of PayPal's Redesigned App

  • September 09 2013, 4:55am EDT
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PayPal launched a revamped mobile app on Sept. 5 that includes some new features, as well as a new look and feel for existing functions. How does the new app stack up against its predecessor?

UI Facelift

The updated user interface (right) begins with a refreshed log-in screen.

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Point of Sale Payments

The new app (right) puts more emphasis on in-store payments, letting consumers take advantage of the growing number of merchants that accept PayPal in store.

Fatter Wallet

The new app's wallet settings (right) now make it easier for users to add new cards and manage their accounts.

Let's Make a Deal

When users add an offer or deal to the wallet, the discount is automatically applied to the purchase.

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Order Ahead

The app has a location-based listing of merchants that accept PayPal and allows users to order ahead at certain restaurants.

I'm Here

Users will experience a new check-in screen (right) when they arrive to pick up their meal.

Check, Please

A separate integration with NCR Mobile Pay allows diners to use the wallet to pay for meals at the table.