Slideshow A Visual Tour of Square Order

  • June 06 2014, 1:30pm EDT
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Square's new Order app allows consumers to order and pay at Square merchants before arriving at a merchant's store. The process for ordering is different for each merchant, based on the level of information they provide to Square.

Setting Up

Before placing an order, a consumer is prompted to create a Square account and enable location and notification services. Consumers can use the same credentials they created for the now-defunct Square Wallet app.

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Window Shopping

Square Order displays a list of nearby merchants and prompts the user to suggest more businesses to potentially take orders with Square.

Mapped Out

Each merchant lists an address, a phone number, hours of operation and instructions for how to pick up any products ordered through Square's app.

Picture This

Merchants can categorize their products and provide photos of each item they sell.

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Extra Flavor

Merchants can choose a short, descriptive listing or a fully detailed one, with product images and choices.

Completing the Sale

Merchants can also apply a default tip to the order, and shoppers can choose to raise the amount, lower it or remove it entirely.


Square Order is based on the Square Pickup service offered through the company's e-commerce site, Square Market. This service enables merchants to accept orders online without requiring consumers to download the Square Order app.