Slideshow A Visual Tour of Square's New Mobile Wallet

  • June 14 2013, 3:50pm EDT
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Making a Splash

The new splash screen (right) shows off the app on the iPhone 5's bigger screen. But does the app look the same when users log in?

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Missing Tiles

The new app's tiled presentation (right) looks great for merchants that provide photos, but seems patchy when it includes unphotographed stores.

Loyal Customer

The new app (right) gives discounts and loyalty more real estate.

Made to Order

The old app (left) required a finger swipe to make a payment at Starbucks, a Square investor. The new version displays a QR code automatically. Editor's Note: the above image was edited to replace the QR code with one that can't be used to make payments.

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Face Time

The new account management screen (right) casts a bigger spotlight on the user. The Wallet app requires users to take a photo, which is presented to Square merchants for authentication.

Square Stand

The new Wallet app went live shortly after Square introduced the Square Stand card reader as part of its push to appeal to more merchants — and thus add locations that accept its Wallet app for payment.

Coming Soon?

What's next? If the changes to Wallet get more consumers to link their cards to Square, it may boost the upcoming Square Cash person-to-person payments service, which operates over email.