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It's all about the rewards
Only 15% of consumers currently have a merchant wallet on their phone, and 67% of those say they use the wallet almost always when shopping at that merchant’s store, according to a recent survey by First Annapolis Consulting.

Starbucks, which introduced its mobile payment app in January 2011, is the most common merchant wallet app, cited 62% of consumers who have downloaded one, with Walmart Pay and the Dunkin' Donuts mobile app a distant second and third in popularity, according to First Annapolis’ survey of 1,514 U.S. consumers in January 2017.

But it’s not necessarily speedier and more convenient payments or notifications that motivated consumers to download merchant wallet apps. It’s all about the rewards. More than 75% of respondents who use merchant mobile apps receive rewards as part of their mobile wallet usage and two out of five said they would not have downloaded the app without rewards.