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Retail mobile apps aid shoppers
More than half—51%--of consumers still do most of their shopping inside brick-and-mortar stores, but digital commerce channels are gaining influence, according to TD Bank’s latest Retail Experience Index. Overall 34% of consumers said they do most of their shopping online, and millennials between ages 18 and 34 led the way among online shoppers.

Significantly more online shoppers said e-commerce beats using a retailer’s mobile app because of the ability to make purchases at all hours and avoid lines and crowds, but the benefits of shopping online versus using a retailer’s mobile app narrow when it comes redeeming coupons and promotions. Among respondents using digital channels, 58% cited online as the best way to snag deals, versus 51% who preferred retailer mobile apps. TD Bank’s Retail Experience Index is based on a survey of 1,021 U.S. consumers in December 2017.