Slideshow In Pictures: Apple Pay's Global Ambitions

  • October 07 2016, 10:55am EDT

Apple Pay is steadily making its way around the globe, though it hasn't always had the full support of the major banks in each region. By the end of October, Apple Pay will be live in 10 markets.


Apple Pay launched on the California company's home turf in October of 2014.

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Apple's next stop was the U.K., where it built on the country's extensive use of contactless payment technology. At launch, Apple Pay worked at 250,000 U.K. retail locations.


Apple then took its mobile wallet into Canada in November of 2015, though at the time only American Express cards supported it.


A day after Apple Pay launched in Canada, it debuted in Australia. More recently, Australian banks have challenged Apple's policy of blocking them from using the iPhone's Near Field Communication tech to develop their own mobile wallets.

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Apple Pay came to China around March of 2016 alongside the smaller iPhone SE, which has a four-inch screen and is meant to maintain the iPhone's appeal in global markets.


Apple Pay launched in Singapore in May of 2016.


Apple Pay said "bonjour!" to France in July of 2016.

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Hong Kong

Apple Pay also launched in Hong Kong in July.


July was a busy month for Apple Pay — Switzerland also welcomed Apple's mobile wallet that month.


Apple Pay celebrates its second anniversary by launching with Sberbank in Russia.

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The iPhone 7 was built to support FeliCa, a contactless payment system used to buy fare on public buses and trains in Japan. Apple targeted an October 2016 launch to bring its FeliCa-enabled mobile wallet in that market.