This year's honorees, selected by the editors of PaymentsSource, are responsible for businesses and innovations as diverse as the payments industry itself. They are technologists, entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers throughout the worlds of banking and payments.
Credit Line Required: © Matt Greenslade/photo-nyc.com
Cindy Armine-Klein, First Data
"I am a firm believer that employees should embrace the idea of bringing 'their whole selves' to work – something that I do every day ... When people know they have allies they truly feel comfortable being who they are which makes them most productive and creative." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Ann Cairns, MasterCard
"At the end of the day, what any employee – male or female – wants is an opportunity and an advocate. They want an environment where they can succeed." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Kristy Cook, Target
"You might see fewer women than men in certain settings, but I really find there are a lot of women working in payments, from technology to operations to IT." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Doris Daif, American Express
"My job is to ensure that we are moving faster than those guys cutting through the noise, clutter, and veneer to what really matters to customers. We need to take our service ethos and digitize it in a way that continues to separate our 'human touch.'" CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Amala Duggirala, ACI Worldwide
"Accepting that [my daughter] can dream better for herself is a moment of great accomplishment." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Jane Elliott, Global Payments
"I realized that if you want more, you have to constantly look for new tasks and new areas to be involved and learn new skills, all while making yourself a little uncomfortable in the process." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Stephanie Ericksen, Visa
"Each time I’m asked to insert my card instead of swipe, I’m reminded of all the incredible work it’s taken, by Visa and our partners, to get that powerful little chip in consumers’ wallets." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Janet O. Estep, NACHA
"Formal, employer-driven mentoring programs can be quite valuable and offer a tremendous opportunity for a hands-on, on-the-job learning experience like no other." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
June Felix, Verifone
"There are certainly cultural and traditional obstacles to still overcome. It is imperative that female leaders mentor the next generation of female leaders to provide insights and experiences that will help them learn to achieve success." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Stephanie Ferris, Vantiv
"The best way to respond to change is to embrace it, evaluate the change, and evaluate who we are as a company." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Reetika Grewal, Silicon Valley Bank
"From the way we live and communicate to the way we shop and pay for things, [technology] is fundamentally changing customers' expectations of payments and financial services." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Annmarie 'Mimi' Hart, MagTek
"Security, speed, and ease of use are the hallmarks of a successful payment scheme. Become an expert in at least one of these areas. It's a commanding knowledge of your subject matter and the ability to share it with your contemporaries; that's what gets you ahead in this business." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Martina Hund-Mejean, MasterCard
"I’m proud of the role women play on our board and in our executive leadership. I’m even prouder of the future leaders we’re cultivating. The advancement of women isn’t a standalone activity; it’s woven into the fabric of our business and operations." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Carol Juel, Synchrony Financial
"I made the expectation clear: Turn off your phones, shut off your computers and go have fun with your families. The feedback was terrific with people feeling respected, having fun and being valued. I try to walk the talk as much as I can with juggling family time and work." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Kara Kazazean, Walmart
"With the technology available to us today, no company should be in the headlines because of a data breach, but no company can change the current infrastructure alone." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Juliette Kennel, SWIFT
"It's pretty simple — if we want more women in senior roles, we need to increase the pool of women that are considered for these roles." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Shazia Manus, The Members Group
"Women are responsible for 70% to 80% of all consumer purchasing. It’s only logical the payments industry would look to female leaders to drive engagement with this influential consumer segment. However, that is not often the case." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Leslie McNamara, Citi Retail Services
"We’ve seen the pipeline of female talent in mid- and senior-level management increase demonstrably over the past two decades ... The remaining hurdle here, however, is in the C-suite ranks, where the representation of women in these levels is stagnant at a mere 17%, up only 1% from three years ago," CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Dawn Murray, FIS
“When there is disruption to ‘normal’ processes or threats to your business, there is opportunity to create something new and possibly better than what was there before. Women in the payments industry need to jump into this disruption and find ways to lead their coworkers through the confusion.” CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Diane Offereins, Discover Financial Services
"I worked with the highest levels of management to create a mindset where individual differences are leveraged to create a more meaningful, inclusive workplace culture, as well as to enhance our business results." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, PayPal
"It's true that I'm the only woman on the credit team at PayPal, and most senior woman, but I feel like I'm helping to raise women up here, and there are plenty of opportunities. PayPal is a big company but it still has a startup culture, and I never feel pushed aside. I feel valued for my unique perspective as a woman." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Ellen Richey, Visa
"I’m convinced that we’re on the right path ... If we stay the course, I’m optimistic that we’ll put an end to the era of mass data breaches at merchants." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Colleen Taylor, Capital One
"I challenge people—myself included—to get in front of threatening trends with thought leadership." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Patty Watson, TSYS
"As technology continues to rapidly develop and change to meet consumers’ needs, we must be nimble and quick to adapt new processes while keeping data secure." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.
Stephanie Wolf, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
"While there are organizations which focus exclusively on women, I do not think that one need only participate in gender-specific groups. I personally like to be involved with incoming talent, in terms of recruiting, training, mentoring and managing." CLICK HERE to read her full profile.