Slideshow Isis on iPhone, and Other Mobile-Pay Events to Watch in 2013

  • January 04 2013, 10:18am EST
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(Image: Bloomberg News)

Isis on iPhone

The Isis mobile-pay system is still being piloted in just two cities, and already the company supports roughly 20 handsets — but the iPhone isn't one of them. An iPhone-based system is already in the works, the company says.

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Visa's Mobile Wallet

Visa's new payment system isn't designed to work as a mobile wallet for point of sale payments. However, Visa says it will adapt its system in this way if a merchant requests it. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Dongles Dwindle

As influential as the Square card-reader attachment is, Square is already pushing for software-based payments with its Square Wallet and Square Register. Though Starbucks now sells Square's reader, the coffee giant doesn't use it, and rival VeriFone last month suddenly backed away from selling its own reader to micro-merchants. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Apple and NFC

Year after year, experts have predicted Apple would build an iPhone with a Near Field Communication chip for payments. And year after year, Apple has not done so. A recent prediction, based on checks of Apple's supply chain, says this year's iPhone model might finally have an NFC chip.

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Merchant Customer Exchange

The mega-retailers' mobile-pay venture, MCX, said in August 2012 that it had already begun work on a mobile-payment application. It hasn't yet put an app on the market, so it's possible the app could launch this year. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Google's Plastic Push

In November, word leaked that Google is planning a plastic card to complement the Google Wallet product. The card isn't out yet, so if it happens at all, the product would likely show up early this year. (Image: Bloomberg News)

iPads as Registers

Most iPads can't do everything a point of sale terminal does, but companies like Square and ShopKeep POS are trying to let merchants do as much as possible from a tablet's screen.

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PayPal Goes Big

PayPal made a big splash last year by revealing a partnership with Discover to allow the card network's merchants to accept PayPal's digital wallet. However, Discover hasn't thrown the switch yet. If it happens on schedule, it will happen this spring. Pictured: PayPal President David Marcus (Image: Bloomberg News)

Startups Grow Up

Companies that used to be considered disruptors are now prominent partners for established payments companies. As their products mature, newcomers such as SCVNGR's LevelUp will forge more ties like these.