Slideshow New Chase Sapphire Ad Campaign

  • August 28 2011, 11:00pm EDT
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Appealing Value

Many consumers in the relatively small affluent segment already have credit cards, so issuers such as Chase have to offer “appeal that is over the top and is something of super-high value,” says Megan Bramlette, director of Auriemma Consulting Group.

Fierce Competition

Analysts say competition for affluent cardholders is fierce, and Chase is among the top competitors, along with American Express Co., which on Aug. 22 launched two cobranded cards with Mercedes-Benz USA.

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Travel Buffs

Dining and travel are two passion-point areas for this segment, as those cardholders love to spend on and redeem points for travel and dining, Chase says.

Ad Initiative

Chase will launch at least three more ads for the campaign, which will run into 2012. The print portion of the campaign will start on Aug. 25, while the online, social media and broadcast portions started Aug. 22.

Better Than Gold

Chase on Aug. 22 launched a television advertisement to promote the perks, showing robots mechanically spray painting various items such as a toothbrush and a toaster and asking viewers to decide if doing so really makes the product better. The ad then tells viewers about Chase Sapphire’s new perks, which include offering two reward points per $1 spent on dining purchases and two points per $1 spent on travel purchases.

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Affluent Target

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is adding new dining and travel perks to its Sapphire credit card as it looks to bolster its base of affluent cardholders.