Slideshow Sync or Swim: Amex's Experimental Marketing Strategy

  • March 09 2013, 12:47pm EST
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Syncing Up

Amex's Sync program offers discounts in the form of statement credits to cardholders who link an Amex card to a Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare account. Amex alerts customers to these offers through these linked accounts.

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Amex Sync has an ongoing promotion called Product #Hashtag, which allows customer to buy products such as the Xbox 360 game console by sending a message over Twitter. Many smaller companies have tried enabling payments through Twitter, but with mixed results.

Friends with Benefits

An earlier Amex promotion over Facebook, called "Link, Like, Love," tracked customers' interest on Facebook to offer customized deals. "Our vision is to bring our business to where our customers are, and they’re on Facebook,” an Amex exec said of the 2011 program.

Halo 4

Amex tied a promotion into the massively popular Halo series for Xbox gamers, offering enough money in statement credits to cover more than half of the latest game's $60 price tag. The Halo series sold 46 million copies prior to the November release of Halo 4, giving Amex a large fan base to pitch its cards to. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Amex isn't just for hardcore gamers. The immensely popular casual game, Farmville, also saw a major dose of Amex marketing. Amex rewarded Farmville players for opening a Serve digital wallet account and planting a Serve tree within the game — over 2 million virtual trees were planted by late last year. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Visa and MasterCard cards are now part of a program within Foursquare to offer discounts to the social network's 30 million users — but Amex got there first. Amex and Foursquare have had a marketing agreement in place since 2011.


With its Bluebird card, Amex is putting its brand in front of consumers in a way that is still quite alien to most conventional card issuers — it is selling them from a kiosk in Walmart stores.