Slideshow The Most Influential Women in Payments: Banks

  • March 26 2013, 4:14pm EDT
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Barbara Pacheco
Senior Vice President and Head of the Financial Services Division
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

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Lynn Heitman
Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing and Product Management for Corporate Payment Systems
U.S. Bancorp

Julie Marie Joseforsky
Senior Vice President and Head of Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards
Fifth Third Bancorp

Pamela Joseph
Vice Chair of Payment Services
U.S. Bancorp

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Deborah McWhinney
Chief Operating Officer of Enterprise Payments and Global Product Manager of Consumer Payments

Cynthia Murray
Managing Director and Head of Global Treasury Product Infrastructure for Platforms and eCommerce
Bank of America

Diane Reyes
Global Head of Payments and Cash Management

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Secil Watson
Executive Vice President and Head of Wholesale Internet Solutions
Wells Fargo

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