Slideshow Top Tweets and Topics at Card Forum & Expo 2013

  • April 12 2013, 3:28pm EDT
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Wedded Bliss

PayPal and Discover announced that their partnership to allow Discover merchants to accept PayPal payments at the point of sale will launch on April 19. PayPal's Don Kingsborough said the alliance is “like getting married,” adding that Discover can “fill the gaps when you can’t fill them in yourself.” (Image: Thinkstock)

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Customer Loyalty

Building brand loyalty was a theme throughout the conference.

Winning Over Skeptics

Skeptical regulators are keeping a close eye on the growing prepaid card market. Card issuers, processors and other industry participants must  improve compliance with fraud requirements. (Image: Thinkstock)

EMV’s Long Journey

Visa, MasterCard and Discover provided updates on the migration to EMV-chip cards in the U.S.

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Most Influential Women in Payments

PaymentsSource honored the inaugural group of the Most Influential Women in Payments. Several executives from the 2013 list came together to discuss their decades of experience in the payments industry.

Lively Debate

Women in Payments honorees such as Fiserv's Ginger Schmeltzer also joined the conversation online.

Analyzing Prepaid User Habits

NetSpend, H&R Block and other companies that provide prepaid cards are finding that their customers do not act like bank customers. (Image: Thinkstock)

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Not a Bad Dream

It’s pretty clear what keeps the prepaid industry up at night.

Meeting Customers’ Needs

Alpesh Chokshi, president of global payments options at Amex, detailed a day he spent without his bank account or credit cards and said that with new technologies, the industry can provide a better experience for unbanked and underbanked consumers.

Crowded Field for Digital Wallets

With so many players developing digital and mobile wallets, it’s too soon to declare a winner.

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Prepaid Players Unite

UniRush CEO Rob Rosenblatt announced a partnership with Green Dot to sell RushCard-branded prepaid products at Green Dot partner retailers. UniRush was founded by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons (pictured). (Image: Bloomberg News)

Mobile Payments Debate

The role of mobile devices in payments is a hot topic, but it also suffered a few burns.

MCX Makes Its Case

Merchant Customer Exchange gave new insight into the merchant consortium. (Image: Thinkstock)

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New Opportunities

Customer service is a never-ending challenge for the payments industry.