In the digital banking era, a transformation is taking place with financial institutions offering new, and more convenient digital channels and services. This digital transformation is changing how customers interact with banks in various channels and forms. Gone are the days of supporting simple online conveniences. Many customers are seeking even greater conveniences and new services. And, key to the success of the digital transformation is the right combination of customer convenience and trust. You need to know the "customer" knocking on your door, or logging into your banking application. Can you trust that digital identity? How can you evaluate the identity risk when the user can come through various channels?

Join this webinar to learn about how the new banking era impacting digital identity fraud and how IBM’s approach can:
• Latest trends and evolution of digital transformation
• Advanced intelligence to help understand the risk and identity of fraud
• Deliver more accurate risk assessments and quickly apply countermeasures

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor American Banker
Ayelet Avni
Offering & Market Strategy Lead, IBM Trusteer